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Matrix LGS™ - VIV + drag reduction

Keep drilling when others stop

Matrix LGS™ (Longitudinal Groove System) has been designed to reduce VIV and drag to allow rigs to keep drilling when they would normally have to stop. Based on simulated eddy profiles for the Gulf of Mexico, this can translate into an annual increase of 20% more uptime during eddy current events which equates to hundreds of hours, potentially saving around $15 million in lost time per annum.

Matrix LGS™ delivers a significant increase in rig capability at a small capital cost and will give those who adopt this new technology a clear advantage over competitors who don't. Matrix's engineers are ready to carry out detailed riser VIV analysis to estimate just how much your operation would benefit from using Matrix LGS™.

Key Features

  • Significantly reduces VIV and drag when compared with conventionally floated risers
  • 20%-30% increase in raw operable current speeds (in regions of the world investigated), including crabbing advantages
  • Estimated 20% more uptime during eddy current events
  • VIV fatigue damage rates five to ten times lower
  • Comparable buoyancy and manufacturing costs to conventional modules
  • Easily stacked both vertically and horizontally
  • Inherent anti-roll stability on moving decks
  • Can be used with existing riser handling and storage equipment


The revolutionary Matrix-LGS™ profile was inspired by the Saguaro cactus whose modest root system manages to keep the slender plant upright even when buffeted by the strongest of winds. It's the cactus' grooved profile that ameliorates the effect of high winds by interfering with the vortex formation process.