Safety and environment

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE) are central to Matrix’s business and are reflected in the company’s culture and core values.

Matrix’s most important assets are its employees, clients, contractors and suppliers. It stands to reason that their health and safety is Matrix’s greatest responsibility. Simply put, superior OHSE performance is paramount to Matrix’s growth and sustainability, with the company, its people, and its products and services reflecting this commitment.

At Matrix, every employee is an OHSE champion, a mindset that is embedded into the culture and supported by its safety and compliance systems and key company values. In addition, Matrix has Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) committees and representatives who formally champion safety within the organisation. Employees receive upfront and ongoing training which gives them the skills to keep themselves and their colleagues safe.


Using leading edge materials technology along with automated manufacturing and strict quality control processes, Matrix produces consistently high quality products.

To ensure the properties and performance of its materials, Matrix undertakes vigorous product and verification testing. These tests confirm that the products are fit for purpose and in line with the requirements of international quality standards such as API 16F, ISO-13628-16 and API 17L, as well as other specifications set by clients and industry bodies.

In addition, Matrix has developed its own set of testing procedures that incorporate both industry and client driven standards. Designed specifically for its syntactic foams and thermoplastic material, the combined elements allow for a more comprehensive set of testing procedures.