Testing that ensures 100% performance 100% of the time

Hydrostatic pressure testing

Our hydrostatic pressure testing facility includes a 7500 psi deep water simulation chamber, the largest of its type in the world for that particular class. The facility allows us to qualify and test buoyancy systems up to 62 inches in diameter, to a service depth of 16,850 ft. The chambers are fully instrumented and capable of recording pressure, buoyancy loss and temperature changes over time. All Matrix core materials are tested in accordance to the requirements of API 16F Section 13 Edition 1.

Function and fit-up testing

Matrix has invested in a number of risers for the purpose fit-up testing in the pre-production phase. The fit-up test provides additional guarantees that the modules can be easily assembled onto the riser and will not foul with clamps, bolts or lines.

Riser joint stack testing

With the industry moving towards deeper water drilling and the cost of on-deck riser storage space at a premium, riser joints have to be stacked higher and higher. Matrix can verify that drilling riser joints can be stacked at these new heights using our stack test frame assembly. Using a section of riser joint and buoyancy module assembly, loads can be incrementally increased to a predetermined height or load inclusive of the reserve factor.

Displacement testing

If required, modules can be tested in our displacement tank to confirm that the theoretical target buoyancy has been achieved.