Matrix's Max-R™ Centralizers achieves 250,000 Sales Milestone

Matrix Composites and Engineering is pleased to announce that overall sales of its Max-R™ Polymer Centralizer product has reached a key milestone of 250,000 centralizers sold worldwide. Since launching in 2010 the product is now available in three different variations – Max-R™ Revolution; Max-R™ Extreme and Max-R™ Pioneer – and in seven sizes.

“We are very proud of the journey our low friction Max-R™ product range has taken since our first sale in Malaysia back in 2010. Our ability to grow and meet the needs of the market, together with the dedication and support of our global network of business partners and agents, has been instrumental in Matrix achieving this significant milestone. We have seen a significant uptake in the Max-R™ product range this year and look forward to reaching 500,000 in the not too distant future,” Jason Kent, Matrix Well Construction Product Line Manager commented.

The Max-R™ product range is backed by a development team of thermoplastic engineers, material scientists and decades of industry experience. Designed specifically for today’s extended reach operations, Max-R™ provides significant reduction in well costs whilst maintaining operational simplicity. 100% metal-free, Max-R™ centralizers are field proven and in operation across the globe, from North America through to South East Asia and the Middle East.

“We are committed to ensuring the Max-R product range continues to match the mechanical, chemical and physical properties required by our customers. We understand that projects are becoming more unique and extreme and that there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution. After all, it is this understanding of the market that has allowed Matrix’s Max-R Revolution Centralizer to currently hold the world record for the highest step out ratio completion,” added Mr Kent.

About Matrix Composites and Engineering

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