Solving Casing Issues with 'Pioneer' Advanced Polymer Centralizers


  • Client - Thai oil and gas producer
  • Project location - Thailand
  • Product - Matrix 7" x 8.1/4" Spiral Slim Blade, "Pioneer", Advanced Polymer Centralizer
  • Construction year - 2013 - 2015

Client Issue

Our client, a Thai oil and gas operator was experiencing high levels of drag when installing their 9.5/8" and 7" casing strings. In a number of cases Total Depth (TD) was not achieved or the centralizers started parting whilst working the string to the bottom of the wellbore. As the centralizers were made from steel, time consuming and expensive fishing jobs were required to retrieve the broken centralizers from the wellbore.

In conjunction with the client, Matrix undertook a review of the field data, well design and other factors including expected hole temperatures. The Matrix Low Friction "Pioneer" Centralizer was selected and configured along the casing to ensure the string would travel into the hole with limited contact to the wellbore. The configuration also allowed for good standoff for the preceding cement job.

The installation which had a deeper TD and longer open-hole section than comparative wells was completed quickly and without incident. Drag was over 50 per cent less than experienced on previous wells. The casing was not rotated during the installation process. .

Our client was highly satisfied with the quality of the product, our ability to conduct torque and drag analysis and our short turnaround time. The centralizers were manufactured at Matrix's state of the art manufacturing facility in Western Australia and delivered to the client's rig via Bangkok, Thailand