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Isoblox™ buoyancy building block system

The ultimate in cost-efficient, customised buoyancy

Matrix’s IsoBlox™ buoyancy building block system is suitable for large offshore installation and construction tasks. The system is highly versatile as the blocks can be fastened together to produce any number of customised shapes, sizes and uplifts ranging from 3,000kg to 150,000kg or more.

To view the construction of the 150MT Installation Buoyancy Structure, CLICK HERE.

Key features

  • Large number of standard arrangements
  • Easily customised to most uplift requirements
  • Range of depth ratings from 500msw to 3,000msw
  • Easy to handle and attach - upper and lower load rated pad eyes
  • Through member/pad eye designed in accordance with DNV offshore standards and delivered with a NATA load test certificate if required.