High strength and machinable to a variety of shapes 

This rigid composite syntactic material is used for insulation and support in subsea and cryogenic applications. With high mechanical strength and low thermal conductivity, Xirtherm™ C140 is placed between structural elements to restrict the flow of thermal energy.

Xirtherm™ C140 is used for pipe and vessel supports, trunnion supports, and subsea supports requiring insulation in flow assurance applications.  It is a unique material manufactured from epoxy resins and ultra-high strength glass microspheres.

Key features

  • High mechanical strength
  • No organic fibres
  • Excellent chemical and saltwater resistance
  • Hydrostatic pressure resistance for ultra-deep sea applications
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Handles multi-directional loading due to isotropic features
  • Simplified supports for complex loads
  • Saves material time and cost
  • Can be machined to a variety of different shapes
  • Can operate in temperatures between -190 to +160 C
  • Suitable for use with stainless steel