A full string delivered in less than 10 weeks

Matrix is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of riser buoyancy systems. With the world's largest, most technically advanced composites syntactic plant, Matrix leads the field in quality construction and faster turnaround times. An increased capacity has allowed Matrix to deliver a full riser buoyancy string in under 10 weeks.

All Matrix foam systems are type approved to API 16 F by BV (Bureau Veritas) and, to current available knowledge, is the only manufacturer in the world that offers this level of assurance.

Utilising composite syntactic foam and advanced composite laminate technologies, the modules are the lightest in the marketplace which allows drilling in deep water. Matrix is currently in the process of developing new modules for use at 15,000 ft.

Matrix also provides a comprehensive aftermarket repair and replacement service, available on-site at the client's premises or at a Matrix service facility in Australia and the US.

To view our video titled ‘Riser Buoyancy, Addressing the Key Issues’, CLICK HERE.

Key features

  • Full riser buoyancy string delivered in under 10 weeks
  • Certified to API 16F by BV
  • Deck weight and space savings - smaller and lighter modules reduce deck weight by up to 200t for 10,000ft strings
  • Increases rig operating depth and sea state
  • Increases rig operating window in high current conditions - smaller OD reduces drag
  • Guaranteed target buoyancy string tolerances - plus or minus 2 per cent
  • Extended lifecycle
  • Easily assembled - all module designs are 'test' fitted
  • Wide range of high performance, lightweight syntactic foam materials 
  • Tough, damage tolerant skin system that incorporates an integral retention layer
  • Tested to API 16F requirements