The ultimate in cost-efficient, cutomised buoyancy 

Matrix's IsoBlox™ is suitable for mooring and large offshore installation tasks. The system is highly versatile as the blocks can be fastened together to produce any number of customised shapes, sizes and uplifts ranging from 3,000 kg to 150,000 kg or more.

Key features

  • Cost effective, flexible solution
  • Can be re-assembled into different configurations as requirements change
  • Damaged elements can be removed rather than replacing the entire module
  • One set of modules for all requirements
  • Faster turnaround time as new buoyancy is not required when needs change
  • Easily customised to most uplift requirements
  • Range of depth rating from 500msw to 3,000msw
  • Easy to handle and attach - upper and lower load rates pad eyes
  • Through member/ pad eye designed in accordance with DNV offshore standards and delivered with a NATA load test certificate if required.

To view an animation showing the recent construction of a 150MT installation buoyancy structure, CLICK HERE.

The buoyancy pictured is being used to support the installation of an 18" In Line Tee that will be submerged and placed on the seafloor at a depth of 250m. The structure was built for use on one of the most significant oil and gas projects in the world located off the coast of Western Australia.

  • Weighs 103MT in air
  • Provides 150MT of uplift in seawater
  • 12.3 m high
  • 6.44 m long