Customised solutions to best meet your needs

Matrix has developed buoyancy for use in rigid pipeline installation that reduces the in-water weight of the pipeline. This allows deeper water pipe laying using lay vessels built for shallower water. Matrix's buoyancy modules are contoured and strapped to the pipeline and can be linked together. 4,000 kg pipeline installation buoyancy modules can be purchased or rented.

Key features

  • Depth rating in excess of 3,000msw
  • Easy to handle and install
  • High impact resistance
  • Extended lifecycle
  • Fits a large range of pipeline diameters - single design
  • Range of tailored uplifts - up to 4,000kg
  • Range of depth ratings
  • Upper and lower load rated pad eye linked removal and easy deck handling
  • Versatile lower recess suitable for a range of pipe sizes
  • Can be custom designed to meet client specific needs
  • Closed cell foam structure
  • Through member/ pad eye designed in accordance with DNV offshore standards and delivered with a NATA load test certificate if required
  • Hydro-tested in accordance with API 16F